Technological Advances During World War 1

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Oil and the Technological Advances pre/post World War One Goodspeed, H. (2011). Flight Line. Naval History, 25(2), 12-13. The purpose of this article is to provide information about the effects that oil had on early naval aviation development during the First World War. The author goes into detail about how the development and manufacturing of oil helped aid the United States Navy build some of the most superior air craft during/ after World War One. The author gives great examples of how fruitful US Navy and Marin fliers were because of the use of these highly sophisticated air craft to bomb German U-boats, support services, and other military systems. Moreover, the author provides examples of US naval use of seaplanes in the war and how the production of oil aided to the successfulness of these operation. Painter, D. S. (2012). Oil and the American Century. Journal Of American History, 99(1), 24-39.…show more content…
The United States was the leading producer in the oil industry from the 1920’s until 1970’s. Several of the major corporations that dominate the oil industry during this time period were based in the United States. The author does an exemplary job providing examples of how the use of oil attributed to the new technological advances during the war and into the twentieth century. Additional, the author gives specific examples pertaining to the role that oil played in militarily inventions such as the submarine, the air plan, the tank, and motorized
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