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Introduction (344 words) Robotics is the use of science and technology to design robots. Robotics technology is one form of technology that is rapidly evolving and improving over the last decade to meet the needs of the society; in terms of efficient in work and performing dangerous tasks without risking the live of individual. One of the needs is the rehabilitation application of robotic technology to ease the efforts of disabled people from trying to regain their physical function to carry on with their daily lives. In the World report on disability, it is reported that approximately 15% of the world’s population; an estimation of about one 1 billion of people, live their life with a disability ("Disability Overview", 2015). This large number had…show more content…
If functional prosthetic was not introduced in the past, it will not be possible for scientist, researchers and engineers to come up with the ideas of combining robotics field with rehabilitation technology. Dependencies of the development of Rehabilitation robotics (280 words) In the 18th century, people in America with disabilities are being regard as useless due to their lack of physical abilities to contribute to the society. During the period of US civil war, Americans were forced to enter the field of prosthetic due to the rapid rising number of amputations (Norton, 2007). An addition to the pressure to provide rehabilitation from the veterans who had lost their limb during World War I had resulted in the US government looking into the rehabilitation engineering field to develop prosthesis. This had also led to the formation of the American Orthotic and Prosthetic Association (AOPA). AOPA at that time was considered as the Artificial Limb Manufacturers and Brace Association (ALMBA) that focus on providing favourable treatment of Orthotic and Prosthetic ("History | AOPA – AMERICAN ORTHOTIC & PROSTHETIC ASSOCIATION",

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