Why Did Sputnik Influence The Mindset And Further The Development Of Technology

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How did Sputnik influence the mindset and further the development of technology for the U.S.? In the 1950’s the space race began because of the cold war between Russia and the United States. Each country was trying to advance their technology in order to gain power over the other in terms of weaponry and threat. There was a great amount of distrust between the two countries. On October 4th, 1957, the Soviet Union launched Sputnik 1 (at the time was just known as Sputnik). This launch sparked a great fear in the bellies of Americans. The idea that Russia had technological advancements and the potential ability to launch missiles created anxiety and distress for the American public. The launch of Sputnik created great urgency for the U.S. to supersede the technological advancements that the Soviet Union possessed at the time. It kick started the rapid demand for the development of the space program and technological advancements in America.…show more content…
They appeared to be almost taunting the US with their ability to launch a satellite into space. “ The launch was not only an unexpected technological achievement but a work of propaganda genius. The Soviets had given Sputnik an orbit and trajectory that sent the satellite over the earth's most populous areas and low enough that it could be seen at times with the assistance of powerful binoculars. (344, Davis)” Sputnik also sent a message that could be picked up by ham radios. This seemed like a deliberate attempt to let the world know who was in power and to create world fear because of the introduction of a new missile

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