Emergency Management Case Study

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Chapter 1: The Historical Context of Emergency Management Emergency management started way back when Moses parted the Red Sea was consider as flood control device. Disaster has always been a part of society in the past, but it wasn’t emergency management it was just survival. The bible mention that plenty disaster had occurred back in that era. Communities has always trying to combat the disasters, but didn’t have that much success. Ancient History is the foundation of todays’ emergency management progress. Emergency management is the back bone of the government that protects the public health and safety. Emergency management is organized in a matter for local, state, and agencies to assist. In Hurricane Katrina emergency management didn’t…show more content…
The primary function of the Office of Defense Mobilization was to allow the gathering of materials that critical in the time of war. The emergency management change in the 1960s due to a streak of major natural disasters. The availability of flood protection insurance was no longer for the homeowner. That led to the National Flood Insurance Act of 1968, that created the National Flood Insurance Program. This has brought the community-based mitigation into a working practice emergency management. The flood risk program is very important how the local and state government oversee the process. The emergency management function in 5 various department are the Department of Commerce, the General Service Administration, the Treasury Department, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and HUD. In 1971 HUD had the most authority in a disaster response. Emergency management had responsibility to delegate all the different departments in an emergency crisis. HUD provide aid in housing and mortgage assistance. The General Service Administration is responsible for a quick response to a disaster. In the early 1980s was handling many different challenges, but not many natural disasters. Congress approved the start of…show more content…
Who can be best of the world in technological. The leaders of today are trying out to perform each other get all of the glory for their efforts. Technological is one of the deadliest hazard to mankind. Some examples of technological hazard are nuclear, hazards material, industry population and etc. Structural fire can occur in any type of building structure that consist with an education, business, mercantile and commercial buildings. The most fire was in the home with 84%. The local fire department have to be aware of the possibility of potential fire. It is very difficult to fight fire in a middle of a hurricane storm the wind along will intensive the fire like a blow torch. The safety measures have to be taken to cut down on the fatalities that occur. Dam contain a large amount of water and preventing it from going downstream. Dam failure mostly occur due to poor engineering design from being outdate. So much construction is going up there is nowhere for the water to go. Dam is a part of the flood control for the local area. Like in Hurricane Harvey the Army Corps of Engineers flood area to save another from being flooded by releasing the Addick Reservoir. Hazardous materials are substance and material are everywhere chemical product in business warehouses, on the highway and chemical plants. Your typical automobile accident contains hazardous material. The local fire department to be prepared

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