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Market Positioning Toyota has a mixed strategy when it comes to position its product. It uses a mix of both, the differentiation as well as the low cost. This gives Toyota a competitive advantage in the automobile sector. Toyota basically has something for everyone, from low priced to hatchbacks to Lexus. They serve everyone. For people looking for an outdoor vehicle they have SUVs and four wheel drive trucks. For customers who want environment friendly vehicle they have PRIUS, the hybrid car. Toyota has been differentiating from its competitors on various levels. The main being design and quality. It has a very strong brand image in its customer’s eyes. They are associated with quality and strong and durable products that will last longer…show more content…
It offers high quality and has maintained a reputation in the market for low cost high quality efficient products. Toyota is priced above Hyundai. Although not very high priced still Toyota also completes in the premier section via LEXUS. Toyota launched Lexus in order to compete with Mercedes and other brands with the same target segment. Toyota uses the lean manufacturing and Target costing that has led to gain the competitive advantage and has made a name in the automobile industry. TOYOTA VISION The Toyota’s global vision is very clear. It focuses on finding a way and to lead that way into the future of mobility. They want to enrich the lives of people around them in form of their customers by giving them a safe and a responsible way to move or transport. They want to focus on quality and innovate like it has been always doing, and while doing this they want to focus on the planet as well, be eco-friendly and no harm it. They aim to exceed the expectations of the people and hope to be rewarded with smiling faces. And to achieve all this they hire talented people who have passion for the work the do and who always have this belief that there is a better way for…show more content…
Toyota has a wide range of quality products starting from small and cost effective corollas to the giant trucks and SUVs. They have something for everything. It also has vans, sports automobiles and the Hybrid cars. Corolla, Prius , Matrix are some of the top selling cars of the company. All the products are very high on the quality end. They go through a long chain of production team to deliver a value quality product. Tacoma and Tundra are the trucks that the product line features. Prius and the Camry Hybrid are the popular hybrid ones. All the products are highly fuel efficient. The product line is highly

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