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According to Landy M (SEPT 2009) PROTON is the first national car company in Malaysia .The idea is invented by Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Mahathir Mohamed. Proton Saga is the first car that produced by PROTON in Malaysia. Proton Saga is produced at Shah Alam which is located in Selangor in year 1985 September. Mitsubishi is the only partner of PROTON and it is also the component supplier for PROTON. Although PROTON used the component of car which Mitsubishi supply but after the development of technologies and the skills gained from Mitsubishi, PROTON has started to use their own component to make the car. Proton Waja is the first car which design by PROTON. According to Mazda C (DEC 2009) , tiger head is used for the design of the PROTON logo…show more content…
First of all, PROTON can divide market into the segment based on age, income, education, occupation. Demographic issues are easier to measure consumer need and want and based on their preference PROTON can know which segments are benefited them. The change of the age will change the preference of the consumer. PROTON can choose the specific age group which will interested on this Motor Mood. For example, consumer market can be categorized into age between 22 to 28 years and 29 to 34 years . In addition, PROTON can use income segmentation. PROTON can segment consumers into three income group which are low, middle, high income groups. PROTON can segment on these three groups because PROTON advocate on launching low cost and high quality car. Moreover, Motor Mood that will be added in proton car doesn’t costly so everybody can afford buying the car with the function of motor mood. At the same time, behavior segmentation can be used by PROTON to segment the consumer that they want. It can categorized consumer based on their attitudes, uses or response to a product. Through the segmentation of the market, PROTON can choose their consumers who are loyal to PROTON. PROTON also can segment the market into potential users and first time users of proton car. For the first time users, they also can use the proton car which consists of Motor Mood. This is because that the Motor Mood can be used easily. Psychographic segmentation is able to use by PROTON. Psychographic segmentation is dividing market into different segment such as social class, status, personality characteristic. Consumer may have different psychographic even though they have same demographic group. PROTON can choose those people with curiosity, and like to experience new

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