The Importance Of Mass Media

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Introduction Mass media has been an inseparable part of human lives since its emergence in the early 1900s. All forms of media from printed, broadcast and online media have become the source of information and set various trends over the centuries for people around the world. Luhmann (2000) in The Chicago School of Media Theory (2017) stated that mass media are “those institutions which make use of copying technologies to disseminate communication.” Consciously or not, none is able to deny that media have influenced us in a way that shaped how we perceive others, the world, and ourselves. Leitner (1998) defined mass media as the “mirrors of reality” that “inform, interpret, entertain and educate” people with what happened in real life. Both definitions of mass media from Leitner (1998) and Luhmann (2000) support each other, as mass media has become an essential form of receiving information that shapes the society.…show more content…
Being extremely influential to its readers and viewers, those who take part in writing or broadcasting information must take careful steps since media is seen as the most powerful strategy in spreading any advertisement or propagandas, (New World Encyclopedia, 2008). Media readers and viewers are mostly unaware of how they are deliberately inclined to believing any messages the media serves. In common cases, the messages are often cleverly implied in seemingly neutral advertisements or commercials. Hence, readers and viewers must be alert not to directly believe in any messages contained in the
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