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Sometimes in life, we come to the situation where we lose the most precious things that find precious in life. In “All Summer in a Day” by Ray Bradbury, it talks about a girl named Margot. She recently had moved to the fictional depiction of Venus, where almost everyday, it’s always constant downpour of rain. Bradbury shows us how this affects Margot by having her display the feelings of sadness and sorrow. As someone who had onced lived on Earth, she had always lived with the sun above her head. However once moving to Venus, Margot was forced to live every single day under the clouds. There are many forms of literary works that share the same theme as this story. In the song“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars, it goes into great detail about his relationship, and talks about how he would feel if his significant other were to leave him. Both the story and the song imply that people can be affected by what they lose in their lives. To start off, both feel sadness after having what they appreciate in life be gone. In “All Summer in a Day” it states that “A month ago, she had refused to…show more content…
Margot is has this constant desire to see this sun, yet is only limited to the only weather being rain. From her acting this way in the shower, we are able to see how the lack of sunshine, the thing that she loves and misses the most, has affected her. It causes Margot to feel misery and grief, even resentment toward the rain; the reason why is because rain has become one of the main elements in Margot’s life, something that she has to deal with everyday. So in the shower, the water behaves in a way that emulates rain, suggesting that from what she feels about the shower, is likely the same about the rain. In a similar manner, the song “It Will Rain” describes how Bruno would deal with the effect of melancholy after he’d lost his significant other. In the first verse, it states, “There's no religion that could save me. No matter

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