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out to 50 nations including the very highly competitive United Kingdom and mainland European markets. With purposeful and unswerving responsibility from clients, business partners, shareholders, government organizations, and workers, PROTON understands its objective of being a universally effective Malaysian car maker. It is being so as to accomplish this client arranged and by creating competitively priced and inventive items. Furthermore, the proton also had launched the Customer Management Center that known as the “Proton I. Care” that gives the customer the opportunities to contact and get helped with the Protan Edar regarding the product and service enquiry within 24 hours emergency breakdown assist. o Research and Development Strategy…show more content…
According to OECD definition, research and development defined in three levels which are basic research, applied research and development work. As for basic research, research and development is experimental activities that are carried out to achieve new knowledge about the basis of phenomena and observations. While applied research, it is an activities of an original nature to achieve new knowledge. While as for development work, research and development is a systematic work that aim to produce new materials and products with apply the existing knowledge and introduce new process, methods, systems or services or improve. We identified that might relate to Proton’s strategies for research and development are Proton conduct new projects through collaboration with Malaysian and UK universities supported by some fund provided by the Malaysian government. While for development, Proton developed strategies of new low cost flexible engine and on an aluminium-bodied vehicle and increased fuel efficiency. Without proper planning strategy for research and development, company cannot improve and gain their competitive advantage as for fulfil resources with efficiency and…show more content…
K. (2008), Proton has decided on the basis of single-source provider of choice in purchasing strategies. Proton also has a shift of investment, or taking advantage of existing facilities or optimizing existing ones, and the participation of local suppliers. There are two stages in the selection of suppliers. First, the supplier will be evaluated based 4M valuation of Man, machines, materials and methods, and also methods of SWOT analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats). Second, an assessment is made based on the assessment of costs and prices based on the cost of the component parts of the target. Suppliers who meet the criteria set by the proton will be appointed as PROTON suppliers for certain component parts. When the designated supplier, the supplier's assistance program will begin starting from the development stage to mass production stage and continuing thereafter. Evaluation of suppliers is an ongoing task. Proton has also been split into two categories provider. The first category established by the supplier that has proven to be a reliable source and good in the past. The second category is a collection of new providers who require continuous assistance and Development Framework Provider in the Automotive Industry Malaysia. Proton set preparation rating scheme that tracks the performance of suppliers from various perspectives such as in terms of management, finance, technical capability, quality, delivery, service, price,

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