Argumentative Essay On Homeless People

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The President has announced that there are officially no homeless people in the world. Imagine a world with no homeless humans or families that would be amazing. There would be less trash on the streets. There would be more families in homes. It would be a more overall happiness. Small acts of kindness can make this happen by supporting people and families through donations, bring people happiness, and help people in poverty through tough times. Kindness can be shown in many ways, such as donations. Donating to organizations such as the salvation army, goodwill, habitat for humanity, and many others can help families and people save money on clothes and other items donated to those places. “One of the best gifts you can give to an animal is a donation of a blanket to your local animal shelter during the winter months.” - Carrie Ann Inaba. Now that quote you just read may not be about humans, but it tells you how the smallest thing can help a person in need. A man going through tough times when, to his local goodwill to get a winter coat. You see there was a massive blizzard coming through later that day, and he had nowhere to go during the blizzard so he needed a way to stay warm. He…show more content…
Families in financial trouble can benefit from kindness. A wise woman once said, “Money isn’t everything but it helps a lot.” - Moriah Mills. There was a family who needed help financially because they couldn’t afford any bills. They ask help from their government and they did nothing they ask for promotions and where denied. They were in debt and starving. They were evicted from their house and living on the street. Then a man came and was heartbroken be found out their old address and he bought it for them to live there again. He gave them jobs at his company and now they were able to afford to live in their house. They now we’re a happy, sound family. This may not happen a lot, but at least one family is happy

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