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The first step of listening process is hearing. According to Rost (1990), hearing can be defined as the sensory receptors of the ear stimulate by the sound waves and immediately causing response that identify as a physical response. In short, hearing is perception of sound waves. “In order to listen, we must hear but to hear we not need to listen”. Hearing also have the process itself and Arnold (1990) explained that the sound must enter the middle ear, set into vibration the tympanic membrane, and be conducted through the inner ear to the brain and brain screens stimuli and select few to come into focus. These selective discernment by the brain is known as attention, a vital prerequisite for effective listening. Issues with the hearing system…show more content…
It is divided into two parts of different types of message namely a verbal and nonverbal message. Wolvin (2009), observed that the receiver should completely understand the message to get the meaning. Without using a proper listening process according to the sequence process, communication is incomplete. It can lead into misinterpret of the information. Lundsteen (1979), pointed out that the original meaning of the speaker’s message can change if the listener’s did not interpret the information with their own description. The interpreting of the information can help a person to differentiate which one of the data or message in more relevant. Words that sound the same but it actually have a different meaning can misinterpret the message become not meaningful. The speaker’s response was very considered while delivered the message to the receiver (William et al., 2010). The receiver should listen well while receive the message from the sender so that the meaning of the information can be seen clearly without any distraction or barrier from other sources. The barriers from others sources can cause misinterpretation the fact of the messages. The fourth step of listening process is responding. Kline (1996) stated that, responding is a form of feedback that completes the communication transaction. Respones are required in effective communication and effective listening and there are different types of responses. These response can be categorized into

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