External Factors Used In Information Accounting

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INFORMATION GATHERING 2.1 SOURCES USED FOR RESEARCH WORK. Making a meaningful analysis requires gathering genuine and valid data. Data can be gathered from various sources which are categorized into primary and secondary data. Primary data is the first hand information which does not exist already and is being collected and gathered by the researcher himself. While secondary data refers to data collected by someone and made readily available other than the researcher himself. Relying on secondary data alone in analysing an organization’s financial and business performance is a little complicated because the information is in large quantity. There are challenges in collecting secondary information, one of them is sorting and choosing…show more content…
Owing to inflation, historical cost-based financial statements and accounting figures do not reflect current value figures, especially in the case of assets purchased at different accounting dates by the different organizations. Financial statements are generally not adjusted due to inflation effects which makes accounting ratios calculated having manipulation. Most times, profit in sales, net income and other key variables becomes insignificant where there is an adjustment in changes in price levels of accounting data. Where inflation arises, assets values for inventory, property, plant and equipment do not reflect their original economic value. (Rohit,…show more content…
Sometimes these changes occur in less than 24hours, hence, making it difficult to predict why and how these factors may affect the present or future of the organization. Some environmental changes may not be noticeable during their initial stages which may have an adverse effect on the organisation. 2) PEST analysis procedure is a simple presentation of list of environmental factors that can affect the project. This simple presentation itself is considered a limitation because the factors are not critically examined in terms of the degree of impact. 3) Another problem is lack of easily available updated information. Too many assumptions are made. Most of the factors being analysed are always based on assumptions and less facts. There are tendencies of planning disaster based on unfounded assumptions. 4) PEST analysis is costly and time consuming as large quantity of relevant data from the right source may be a challenge especially since most of the data needs to be obtained from external sources. 5) PEST analysis is insufficient for the purpose of strategic planning, since it scans only the external environment while completely ignoring the internal environment and the competitive

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