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[Pick the date] MEM 504: QUALITY ENGINEERING | STUDENT NAME Table of Contents Abstract 4 Background 4 Vision 5 Mission 5 Quality Objectives and Strategy Effectiveness 6 Quality Objectives 6 Resilience and Rapid Response 6 Customer Oriented Action Plan 6 Digital Transformation as a Tool towards Success 7 Aircraft Fleet 7 Strategy Effectiveness 7 Customer Centric Services 8 Excellent Leadership 8 Team Spirit 8 Process Approach 8 Systematic Management Approach 8 Continuous Improvement 9 Delivery of Customer Service 9 In Flight Services 9 Cabin Services 9 Catering Services 10 In Flight Entertainment System 10 On Ground Services 10 Lounges 10 Chauffer Drives 11 The Reliability Advantage 11 Abstract A subsidiary of The Emirates Group, Emirates…show more content…
Furthermore, the organization believes in using the emotional attachment factor to catapult the growth of the company towards a happier customer base. Till date, the company has flown over 56 million passengers and hopes to keep serving more each year to be able to (The Emirates Group Annual Report 2016-2017, 2017). Quality Objectives and Strategy Effectiveness One of the main reasons behind the success of Emirates Airlines is that it focuses on quality services to all its customers. The dominating presence of the Emirates Airlines at the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Awards 2017 (Tripadvisor.in, 2017) is one of the many evidences which confirm the effectiveness of the strategy implemented by Emirates Airlines. The company faced many challenges spread over the three decades of its operation, but through resilience and quick response, Emirates Airlines has managed to tackle all challenges effectively. Quality Objectives Resilience and Rapid…show more content…
For example, following the restrictions imposed on electronic devices in aircraft cabins by the government of the United States of America, a decline in customer experience and convenience was expected. However, Emirates Airlines upheld its commitment to quality service by offering to loan laptops to customers so as to maintain the volume of customers and also offered to pack the restricted devices in order to maintain the volume of customers flying to USA (Emirates.com, 2017). Customer Oriented Action Plan Emirates Airlines puts its customers first and aims at achieving the best services for the customers. To its credit, the organization has a pay-to-access feature for its lounges, has added new destinations each year, maintained the security of its customers on-board by using aircrafts with the best and latest technology, etc. The customer centric attitude of the company helps it stand out as the one that truly cares about its customers. Digital Transformation as a Tool towards

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