Mubadala Swot Analysis Strategic Management

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Introduction Mubadala brings together and manages a multi-billion dollar portfolio of local, regional, and international operation management. It partners with leading global organizations to operate businesses across a wide range of industry sectors including aerospace, energy and industry, healthcare, information communications and technology, infrastructure and real estate. By doing so, Mubadala accomplishes its mission to expand the economic base of the Emirate and contribute to the growth and diversification of its economy Mubadala founded to lead global provider of operation management product manufacturing services and integrated supply chain solutions. Mubadala is the world's most innovative companies in investment that rely on high-score…show more content…
In this strategic management analysis we will discuss many business issues, by applying some methodologies and theories on the business, Mubadala development Fund will focus on key cities within the MENA region including Abu Dhabi, the fund will seek to leverage Al-Mubadala Group's experience gained primarily through the Dubai Festival City development and to replicate this unique high quality mixed use environment elsewhere in the region suitability as a platform for the growing fund management business. By providing investors with local and international expertise, a secure environment for their assets and a diverse range of financial products, we have laid the foundation for the development of regional…show more content…
SWOT analysis Strength Many producers and manufactures lack the necessary skills and resources to perform all the activities needed. Today’s Mubadala transactions are often characterized by a diverse range of complex and interacting activities why are needed to facilitate the process of marketing a number of functions are needed to bridge the time, place and possession gaps that separate producer and user another reason has been the increasing separation of the producer from his end-users, the growth of company is linked to the growth in complexity in industry itself, and in particular the increase in specialization. Weakness: During 2000s Mubadala Corporation started overall upgrade progress for the most of manufacturing equipment and raw items. These changes were because of the new technology development needed to be following especially when problem appeared. Mubadala as one of the operation management manufacturing leaders had to be the first corporation that skips this caused of increase of costs and expenses. “But for long term this will not affect our strong marketing base

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