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ALFARO, DIONEL L. C/M MARVIN JAPITANA MT32-B2 II. VIEWPOINT Ship collision is the physical impact that occurs between two or more ships resulting from a damaging accident. It may involve ships, a stable or floating structure such as a port, an ice berg or a drilling platform. With the growth of the maritime industry, thousands of humongous ships capable to travel with great speed are being produced each year so the traffic in the seas becomes denser and a greater chance of collision. When a ship collision occurs it may result to grave consequences such as loss of life which can never be compensated for, the negative impact in our environment due to oil and chemical spills, and billions of dollars will be wasted due to the ships’ cargo and will be spent due to the salvaging of ships that sank. Collisions of ships are mostly due to human error which may be in judgment or navigation or both. Some are caused by technical malfunction or mechanical failure of the system or machinery.…show more content…
The environmental conditions were not considered unusual for the southern North Sea in December; consisting of moderate visibility between 5nm and 8 nm, sea state 5 (average wave height 4-5.5m) owing to a north westerly wind of between 28 to 33 knots (Beaufort Force 7, near gale). At the point of impact at 1815 UTC both vessels were in the vicinity of the North Hinder Junction, a precautionary area where vessels are advised to proceed with caution as traffic flows merge to the four traffic separation scheme (TSS) terminations in the

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