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Emirates Airlines is one of the major airlines that based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is a branch of the Emirates Group, which is owned by the government of Dubai’s Investment Corporation of Dubai. Emirates Airlines has launched operations with two aircrafts in 1985. Currently, Emirates Airlines fly over to 100 destinations in sixty countries with a fleet of 137 aircrafts. Each week, almost seven hundred flights depart from Dubai on their way to their destinations on six continents. Furthermore, cargo activities are managed by Emirates Sky Cargo. As a matter of fact, Emirates Airlines is growing rapidly and carried a lot of customers than before. Like other company or organization, Emirates Airlines needs efficient leadership and excellent…show more content…
Moreover, pilots are required to show up at least an hour before the flight in order to check any revisions in their manuals and weather reports. In this case, pilots can arrange the flight routes and which gate to park when arriving in the destinations. The captain, who is the pilot in command, is responsible for everything happens on the flight. When the airplane is at the gate, the captain will talk to the flight attendants about anything that might be unusual for the flight. Before take-off, the co-pilot checks around inside airplane, such as tire conditions, status of the oxygen bottles for the cockpit, and more. When paperwork is done, the attendants secure the doors and the captain announces time to…show more content…
The shared values strongly affect people on how they act and perform their activities. People orientation is one of the cultural organization that is practiced by Emirates Airlines. For instance, they believe that their employee diversity of over 160 nationalities is their influences as a global organization. The diversity of nationalities, cultures, religious and ethnic backgrounds has impacts on workforces by having new ideas and innovations that lead to success in business. Additionally, Emirates Airlines provide a network of learning resource centers in headquarters in Dubai for employees to be trained and developed and also, it provides online training. Moreover, the annual professional development courses in key areas that need training and development motivates the development of trainees. On the other hand, training can also be accomplished through seminars and conferences. Therefore, the goal is to keep skills updated and help employee to remain in industry

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