Sword In The Medieval Era

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The Art of Sword in the Medieval Era The aim of this thesis is to study the arms and armor in the medieval era. The research is mostly concentrated on the Islamic and European country only. Research Questions 1. Does “Islamic” constitute a true category of arms and armor? 2. What are the differences and similarities between Islamic and European swords in the medieval era? 3. Are the weapon made in that era took on form over function or vice versa? 4. How and what influence the development of the swords over time? Aims 1. Study the arts of arms and armor of the Islamic and European Research Context (Literature Review) Since this thesis covers two different areas of arms and armory (Islamic and European), I have gathered and read a few…show more content…
It explores perception of two-edged swords as ‘living’ artifacts in Anglo-Saxon England and Scandinavian between the period of c. 500 and 1100. She took inspiration from the recent anthropological and archaeological research into ‘artifact biography’ which explores two interlinked avenues of ‘life’: (1) the notion that swords could acquire life-histories, personalities and other person-like qualities; and (2) the nature of their relationship with warriors (of which I will discuss further as according to research, the decorations of the weapons varies and heavily dependent on the relationship it has with the…show more content…
The book covers extensive details of the different kinds of arms and armor in the Islamic world that has developed over the years. It starts of with the belt fittings from the medieval period that convey the role of ceremony among the military classes of Islamic world. Back then display was a major factor. It led to the creation of the two sets of elaborate horse trappings in the 13th and 14th centuries. In 15th century, steel war mask was among the most dramatic items which to date still inspire a sense of awe. The book gives a full sense of the panoply of warfare. The stirrup, the drum, the talismanic shirt and the banner were as important to the Muslim warrior as the sword and the mail shirt. Due to its extensive description of the weapons and armor accompanied by image reference, I have a better understanding of how the arms and armor has progress over time and what has influence its change. Furthermore, I discover how important the look of the arms and armor and the function is for the wearer. It is not only use for war but also for ceremonial

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