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A Knight was expected to have the strengths and skills to face combat in the violent era of the Middle Ages; the Code of Chivalry was very influential and important to the knights of this time period because it defined them as a true knight. The Code of Chivalry, is a code of conduct was brought about during the Middle Ages between 1170 and 1220. A knight was not only expected to have the strength of a knight and the skills but was also expected to control his aggressive side of a knight with a chivalrous side to his environment. The code of conduct varied in many different ways, this code to a knight in the Middle Ages did not only mean honor but also courage and service within a knight. Many knights took vows that they would maintain to this code and always obey it. Not all knights followed the code, especially when it came to dealing with people lower than them. Main codes which knights tried to live by were to follow the church and defend it with their life, to protect women and the people who were weaker than them, to serve and defend their kind, to never lie, and to be considerate and loyal.…show more content…
These three involved responsibility to his countrymen, duties to god and duties to the women. Duties to the countrymen, this part of the Code of Chivalry dealt with the knights character traits which defined them as who they were, such as bravery, honor and protecting the poor. To the knights of the Middle Ages this was the most important part to chivalry, this also meant to put other people's lives before theirs. The second part of the chivalry was the Duties to God. A knight's duty to god was to be faithful, loyal to god and the church. They were also putting devotion towards god above anyone else. Lastly was the Duties to women. This was the most known chivalry in the Middle Ages. Chivalry towards women meant to honor women and to admire them, this was also known as the Courtly Love

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