The Legend Of King Arthur And Sir Lancelot

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The Legend of King Arthur is one of the most well known legends. It has many versions and it is very important because many people believe it can be true. This legend is about a man named Arthur who removes a sword from a stone and realizes that he is the true King. This all took place in a kingdom known as Camelot. The sword was called excalibur and only one man had the power to remove it from the stone, and that man is Arthur. Camelot is one of the fractions of England that was represented in the Round table and despite being represented by King Arthur who was practically the leader of the table, it was treated as any other kingdom to ensure an equal state of power between the kingdoms. Despite being constantly referred to when speaking…show more content…
The first of his knights was Sir Lancelot . Sir Lancelot represents service. I believe Sir lancelot represents service because he is always there to help Arthur and he also was his best friend so Arthur trusted him very much. His second knight is Sir Gawain and he represents loyalty because he stands up for king arthur and keeps his word. Next comes Sir Geraint, he represents bravery because he is always on adventures and different journeys and he is not afraid of what comes his way. His next knight is Sir Gareth, he represents devotion because he's devoted his kingdom and is very loyal as well. Another one of king Arthur’s knights were Sir Gaheris and I believe he represents patience and support because he was like Sir Gawain’s conscience and always had the patience to calm him down and support him. Sir Bedivere was another knight as well and i think he represents bravery because he was always by Arthur’s side and he was one of the first to join the fellowship of the round table. Sir Galahad was another one of Arthur’s knights and he represented perfection because he was seen as perfect and everyone loved him, he was said to be smart strong and he basically had every good trait. Sir kay represents faith because he is faithful to king Arthur and he is also loyal to him no matter what. The next knight is Sir Bors De Ganis, he represents determination because he is the only survivor of the quest to…show more content…
Sir Lancelot, one of the most honorable knights fr the round table, was first ignored by Queen Guinevere. As time passed by, their love for each other grew slowly. Sir Meleagant grew suspicious and brought this to attention in front of the king and queen. In order to reveal the truth, there had to be a combat between Sir Lancelot and Sir Meleagant. In one version, Sir Lancelot defeated Sir Meleagant and split his head into two. Sir Mordred, son and nephew of King Arthur, grew suspicious and led a band of 12 knights into Guinevere’s chamber. Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere were caught in bed together which resulted in Guinevere’s death for her betrayal of the Knights of Chivalry. This affair represented the fall of Camelot and Arthur’s

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