Comparing The Quest For The Holy Grail And Renard The Fox

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Chivalry was considered the primary guideline for societal relationships in the face of violence in any form even though it was common for its followers to abuse their privileges within chivalric culture. The intersect of chivalric culture with religion in The Quest for the Holy Grail and Renard the Fox progresses Chivalry in that it supports the agendas of rulers and lords who implement religion. The author’s use of religion offers commentary on religion and the politics of the era thereby providing insight into the societal context of the time because the faults considered significant are portrayed through the characters. The knights crusading after the Holy Grail claim “God’s Sake” (p.128, Quest) as reason for fortune and motivation in all…show more content…
The author used Arthur as the example of a King sponsored by God, from the constant adventure to the magical feast (p. 119, The Quest) in an effort to improve relationship between the church and crown. In The Quest for the Holy Grail the will of the King and of God are aligned to aid the legitimization of the ruler’s power within chivalric culture because of the integral role God plays in chivalry. Galahad’s right to greatness was approved first by Arthur then by God when he removed the sword from the stone portraying the united front of temporal and spiritual (p. 117 The Quest). King Noble’s role in the tale however served as a warning against religion within their chivalric culture because it will pull power from royalty as the people will view the religious authority over the temporal. Renard’s story ends with a complete disregard of Noble’s decision, a welcomed return home, and the abandonment of a hermit’s life after a few moments (p.154, Renard). Renard the Fox depicts the epitome of irresponsibility that nobles maintained within chivalric culture due to the ideology of the time where an individual’s fate is predetermined causing a restriction in class mobility. Though Renard’s actions include crimes such as murder and rape (p.60.Renard) the purpose of the text was to provide the reader an example of an anti-hero through the juxtaposition of the morally

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