What Is The Purpose Of Tristan And Isolde

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Tristan and Isolde: Love Is a Sweet Horror Written by Two In medieval times the ideas of marriage and love were radically different than how it is viewed today. Men in the medieval era took ownership over the woman and marriage was set by a predetermined arrangement rather than true love. Divorce was extremely rare, as it was only acceptable in extreme cases. Therefore, when a woman became married to a man she was most likely to be with him for life. In Tristan and Isolde we can clearly see a relationship formed through love by accidental consumption of the love potion. However, this potion was indirectly the cause for both the characters death at the end. The purpose of the love potion is to ultimately display that in this time the public assumed that obtaining a true love for…show more content…
It can be argued that by allowing the potion to even exist being meant for King Mark and Isolde and by placing it in the hands of women, women at this time desired a relationship filled with true, deep love; but if that relationship filled with love were to happen, it would be the cause to their downfall. Looking at the general overview of the events that happen in this story, it poses as a moral warning to medieval women and men that true love leads to prevented rational thought. Even though there are times where Tristan and Isolde seem happy after the love potion is taken, there are clues that allow the reader to understand that the love potion actually leads to their irrational thoughts and actions, their lack of self- emotion, commitment of adultery (to God, the king, church and state) and

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