Triple Bottom Line Case Study

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This article aims to introduce the concept and significance of Triple Bottom Line (TBL) with relationship to Sustainable Development Principle (SD) and Sustainable Construction (SC). Construction industry is one of the biggest industries in the world which needs a lot of attention to monitor and achieve the goals for a sustainable environment. In this report a case study has also been included which will be examined based on Global Report Initiatives (GRI). Introduction Sustainability has been highly ranged for many decades as a more significant way to spend lives and for coming future generation, so Triple Bottom Line (TBL) was used to fulfil this demand. Triple Bottom Line has a very close relation with sustainability…show more content…
These three dimensions are also known as 3ps: people, planet and profits. These three terms people, planet and profit were invented by famous businessman John Elkington in 1994 (Triple Bottom Lines, 2009). Triple Bottom Line is basically a tool which is used for determining or judging the percentage of success in taking a decision, it is the ability of doing something with high success rate. The idea of Triple Bottom Line is not very new, it was created in 1980s (Mitchell, Curtis & Davidson 2007, p. 271). In 1987, the United Nations BrunlandCommision defined the sustainability stating that “meeting the needs of present generation without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own needs” (Tyson 2010). Gibson (2001) states that “while theBrudtland Commission presented a two-pillar model reflecting environment and development concerns, the three-pillar TBL model separates development issues into social and economic factors” (Pope & Annandale 2004). TBL is also used to increase the knowledge of stakeholders in a company (Jackson 2011, p…show more content…
It provides with a vast range of construction requirements. As a head of sustainability department in this company I will formulate some rules and regulations and implement them within the company to obtain sustainable development and environment in my company. I will make and implement following policies: • Strategies and analysis: As the leading member and decision maker of the sustainability department in HH Construction Pvt Ltd. We realize that we have a significant responsibility and obligation in helping the world to become more responsible towards the environment. The materials which will be used in construction will be more environmental friendly like recycled plant materials, recycled metal, recycled stones and many more will be used to maintain healthy environment. We will implement international charters and frameworks in our company and set up the goals to meet up with their expectations. • Reporting Parameters: The report will be used to enhance the company’s performance towards TBL as per the GRI guidelines, which will be based on environmental, social and financial aspects. We will also take initiative to improve long-term sustainable

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