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3.2.5 Permaculture implies responsible and effective governance mechanisms Permaculture, more than a design method, can be defined as an activist movement gifted with its own philosophy and politics. At the beginning, permaculture was thought to cope with humanity and planet issues thanks to a deep understanding of the nature of the problems and a pragmatic approach: understand the problem, come up with a solution and take actions to implement the solution. Permaculture is a system that is always run accordingly to its three ethical principles - care for the People, care for the Planet, and the principle of fair share. Capable of building communities with a ecological design, permaculture promotes and values unity, harmony and diversity,…show more content…
Nevertheless, given the current situation of our world described in the introduction of this thesis, we understand that sustainability alone might probably not be enough to carry on its shoulder the burden of environmental problems. A nuance should be made in the definition of sustainable development given by the United Nations. As a reminder, the United Nations defined sustainable development as a “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of generations to meet their own needs”. According to Toby Hemenway, if this might have been true a thousand years ago, when the first civilizations discovered how to make fire or when other civilizations started to develop agriculture and then first started to pollute the environment due to the inherent characteristics of agriculture described in the introduction, it is not as true nowadays. Indeed, since then more than 10,000 years of agriculture have passed and have continuously degraded the environment, depleting our natural resources and degrading our soils. And this process has seen itself drastically accelerated since the advent of industrial societies and fossil fuels. Thus, when the United Nations state that we must aim towards a sustainable development - in other words meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet…show more content…
– in fact, most of our current activities are degenerative – and activities that are regenerative, in other words activities that purify, restore, create, etc. Sustainability is in the middle of degenerative and regenerative. However, because we already are so much involved and bogged down in the degenerative side, we must not limit ourselves in aiming to sustainability, which is in the middle. We must first shift from degenerative development to sustainable development, and then from sustainable to regenerative development, to make sure that we will be as ready as possible in the future to meet our

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