Supreme Court Pros And Cons

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The Constitution of USA states that Justice of the supreme court "shall hold their Offices during good Behavior." This also indicates that, the supreme court Justice establish a strict control on office as long as they are elected and can only be dismissed from the office for the case of impeachment (formally accusing a public official for doing wrong against public.). It is the President that elects and nominates an eligible individual for an available position in the Supreme Court and then in the further proceedings, the duty of the Senate is to finally vote and appoint the most eligible candidate. This process also includes and requires a common opinion of the majority. Both executive and legislative branches of government are considered to play a vital role in the formation of Supreme Court.…show more content…
An individual is either appointed for the position of judge or is elected by the citizens. Majority of the opinions agree that justice should not partial and the process of electing judges should not involve any sort of politics. It should be purely based on the person’s capability, qualification and his skills to become a Supreme court justice.Of course, few argue that the citizens are not absolutely efficient in order to elect and finalize the most eligible candidate. There are also chances for the elected and nominated candidates to be trained and influenced by special interest groups that expect crucial results and judgments to be in their favor. In a complete contrast is the judicial decisions, especially the authority to reverse the decisions, that also have chances to become the final law and can influence a heavy impact on public. This counter states that citizens must have the final role in electing the judges that responsible for making these

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