Arizona Compare And Contrast

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Arizona and Colorado residents are brave people. They are adventurous, nature lovers, and not scared of a little bad weather. They do have one thing in common and that is living in amazing states. Arizona is one of the hottest states in the United States and Colorado is one of the coldest. They are both beautiful places to live in their own ways and provide great incentives for the people for doing so. Arizona and Colorado are complete opposites but both contain beautiful aspects that make them similar to each other. Living in Colorado, of course, has its pros and its cons just like anywhere else. One of the pros is the nice and cool summer temperatures. The averages for June through August are in the high sixties. This is quite nice when…show more content…
Firstly, it is hot. That is probably the most obvious thing that everybody thinks about when they are asked to think about Arizona. Most of the time, they also think of it as a normal boring flat desert. However, in reality that is not the case. Yes, Arizona is a straight up desert that can be very flat in certain locations but Arizona can be very mountainous in some parts and even pretty cold! Flagstaff and Prescott are the most known of the colder, non-desert parts of Arizona. Their average winter temperature is in the high forties for those parts of Arizona and the average summer temperature is around eighty degrees. Sounds a little bit better than the rest of Arizona with an average winter temperature being in the high sixties and an average summer temperature of one hundred degrees and up. When compared to Colorado this is considered crazy hot. Living in Arizona in the summer is very hard; it is almost unbearable to go outside. Some days it is so hot you might spontaneously combust from the 115 degree scorching sunlight blinding you. Getting in the car is a mission sometimes: waiting for the air conditioning to cool down the car, trying not to burn oneself on the seatbelt and hoping they are not one to have leather seats! Those leather seats can get so hot they can cook an egg probably. On the contrary, the winter months in Arizona are very great for people who do not like snow and all the wonderful things it includes like shoveling snow and trying to drive in it. Many people come and stay in Arizona just during the winter months and leave back to their other home in another state when it gets too hot here. They enjoy the weather here so much they have their own name and are called our own “snowbirds”. Living in Arizona all year round and surviving the summer months is something one has to get used to. It does take awhile because it is not for the faint hearted. It is possible though! The beauty of Arizona is

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