The Market Revolution In The Nineteenth Century

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The market revolution in the nineteenth century brought fundamental changes to the American society. The revolution brought new inventions and an agricultural expansion in the southern and northern states as Americans shifted from their local markets to larger national markets. Farmers often took advantage of the unoccupied lands, which resulted in a vast amounts of farms and plantations being built throughout the US. Due to the industrial revolution in New England inventions such as the telegraph, railroads, and the cotton gin helped transformed America into a powerful nation during the market revolution. The industrial growth had a momentous influence on the American society in the market revolution with the new construction of different…show more content…
When America attained its independence from England many had hoped that the fight for freedom was not won in favor for white Americans, but also black ones. This idea completely died out in the south with the invention of the cotton gin. As cotton became more profitable and the demand rose so did the number of slaves needed to harvest the cotton. This made it extremely difficult for a slave to buy their freedom and slave owners were more inclined to keep their slaves. This brought tensions between the north and south states because most of the north states wanted to abolish slavery and some even granted sanctuary to runaway slaves seeking from their slave owners. In the southern states most slave owners became more a “fatherly authority” over their slaves and treated their slaves more lenient. The whippings and punishments still happened but slave owners made sure their slaves were fed, had decent living conditions, and often taught their religious beliefs to them. This ensured that the slave would build a dependence and be loyal to their owners. The enslaved were not the only ones to experience change in the wake of the market

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