Was The 1920s Good Or Bad Essay

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The 1920’s were a considerably good time in America… Or so we think. This time period occurred right after WWI and it was a hard transition to overcome. There were many changes put into place after the war. We refer to this time period as the “Roaring 20’s”. This title insinuates that it was big, and eventful. It was also referred to as a great time to be alive. This statement is extremely vague and makes everybody fit into one general group. I’m not denying the fact that it was a great time, just the fact that it was a great time for everyone. We can start off with the major happening in the twenties. Prohibition was a huge deal in this time period for many reasons. It fixed problems, but caused more. The people who supported prohibition say that without alcohol we reduce crime, domestic violence, lesser amount of people addicted, and a…show more content…
If you were just a little farmer, it wasn’t necessarily so great. Agriculture wasn’t on the high rise like it was in previous decades before. Or think of all of the big time alcohol industries of this era. How do you think they did through Prohibition. Probably not well considering alcohol was illegal. So yes, to answer the question, I do think that it was a generally good time for people. People who did crazy things to enjoy it. For the people that weren’t flappers, that weren’t bootleggers, that weren’t congressmen, I’d have to go ahead and say no. It probably wasn’t the greatest and then to pile on top of that The Great Depression came along right after the period so we know that it could’ve only gotten worse for them. Any time you’re speaking generally about the public, the group of “general” people is going to be the more plentiful, and usually the more happy group. That’s just how things work. The world likes to sugar coat things to try to make everything seem better than it really is. Maybe the 20’s were a

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