Fashion In The 1950's Essay

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Music, Fashion and Culture in the 1950’s We typically view 50’s fashion as rockabilly, and our thoughts are influenced by franchises such as Grease and Mad Men. However, contrary to popular belief; “there’s more to the 50’s fashion than poodle skirts”. Women’s Fashion Women’s fashion in the fifties was shaped by women including Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. Marilyn Monroe is still iconic today, and is seen as the embodiment of femininity, glamour and beauty. The style of Grace Kelly is renowned for its simplicity; it was classic and elegant, which made it timeless. Audrey Hepburn is still one of the most well-known fashion icons ever, whose style is still copied now. In the early 1950’s, women dressed smartly; well-groomed…show more content…
Elvis Presley was known in the fashion world mainly for his sense of rebellion and defiance, he didn’t adhere to social pressure. Elvis wore whatever he wanted, and made it look good, including big belts and bright colours, even the colour pink (which was his favourite). James Dean was also appreciated for his simplicity and minimalism. He dressed more ‘bad boy’, but still managed to look classy and cool. At the beginning of the 1950’s, men’s fashion was very restrictive. Conformity was big, after the war, and bleak clothing, with little choice was socially acceptable and respected. Working men wore suits in colours like charcoal, dark blue and brown, with dark ties. Skinny ties were typically preferred in both work and casual situations. White shirts with cufflinks were staples for business attire. Hats (of different styles) and watches were essential for men in the 1950’s. However, there was some flexibility in the way of casual clothes. Mid 1950’s, after rationing had stopped, the economy was improving and generally, things were looking up; people felt the need to rebel after extensive conformity. This led to patterns and print

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