Summary: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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The medical assistant’s responsibility to the patient in terms of quality and respect for the patient as a human being to provide high-quality care to patients. An important measure of quality is the extent to which patients' needs and expectations are met. Medical assistants have services that are designed to meet the needs and expectations of patients and their community. In other ways, this involves a team process. We, as medical assistants are seeking ways to improve patient wait times, telephone service, diabetes care, or other goals it deems important, a team effort helps an organization to achieve significant and lasting improvements. It is the responsibility of each individual to be an active and contributing member of the team. Each person on a team brings a unique perspective to the process; i.e., how things work; what happens when changes are made, and how to sustain improvements during daily work.…show more content…
Polished skill is shown by performing assignments in a productive, capable way; wearing spotless, flawless clothing; and indicating sympathy toward patients and their sentiments. The therapeutic partner performing venipuncture will have direct contact with the patient and perform undertakings that are basic to the tolerant's conclusion and consideration. Amid the immediate contact with the patient, the therapeutic right hand will leave an impression with the patient. It can be sure or negative contingent upon the ability with which the medical assistant performs the venipuncture. Therapeutic aides gather and get ready research facility examples or perform fundamental lab tests on the premises, discard defiled supplies, and disinfect restorative instruments. They likewise mastermind looking at room instruments and gear, buy and keep up supplies and hardware, and continue holding up and inspecting rooms

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