Examples Of Predisposition In Gattaca

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he last movie we watched Gattaca, suggests that a genetic predisposition of a person determines a person’s identity. In the movie, Vincent was born without any technology, but the technology predicts that he is going to live for 30 years. Similarly, his brother Anton was genetically predetermined which makes him superior . We see Anton beats Vincent everytime they compete in swimming which shows that genetically predisposition makes a person strong, competitive, and powerful. Genetically predetermined humans were almost perfect in the movie and they were the one who have a valid identity to have a job in Gattaca. Because Vincent was born without technology, he wasn’t able to achieve his lifelong to be astronauts unless he got the valid identity.…show more content…
Infact, Jerome didn’t have the desire to be a swimmer which shows that genetically predisposition do not make human identity. However, the majority of genetically predetermined people are the one who has the right identity because they are flawless. Genetically predetermination and predisposition will help people to achieve anything by making him/her a perfect person. In Gattaca, having the right identity matters to get a job. Even Though it has an influence in determining people's identity, but it is not the way to have a normal society in this world. They are not real people, they are technologically determined to have the perfect behaviour which makes it hard to say that the identity comes from themselves. Plus, the determination might not work all the time (Jerome determined to be a swimmer). The movie itself disproves that genetically predisposition makes human identity. For example, Vincent didn’t have to have genetic predisposition to do his job. He was naturally programmed to desire being an Astronaut. Moreover, is identity that is given by technology real identity? For example, Vincent's parent went to a doctor when they wanted to have a second baby and told the doctor their preference on their future…show more content…
In my opinion, human identity is the combination of mind, body, and memories that makes a person’s identity. For example, let’s say, hypothetically a 5 year old child named Martha was suffered with incurable brain disease and skin cancer she can be cured if she gets a brain and skin transplant. Lucky or unfortunately, a 35 year old man named Jesse died with a car accident and his significant others decided to donate his brain. Then, Martha got brain and skin from Jesse and she is completely in a healthy status. Now, the question is what makes Martha's identity? If we say it is her body that makes her identity, Martha got a skin transplant from Jesse. Does it mean she is two person? Is she half Martha and half Jesse because she got other persons part of identity? If we say it’s intelligence, can we say that this 5 year old’s intelligence belongs to her? could the Jesse’s parent identify the person who died in the car accident in a 5 year old’s body? Here, Jesse’s parent cannot say that he is alive just because the 5 year old thinks and acts the way Jesse thinks before he died. It is hard to say that he is alive by observing Jesse’s mind and intelligence in a different body. So, again, intelligence is not the only thing that makes people’s identity. Similarly, if we say it is having the same memory that makes human’s identity, then diseases like Alzheimer's will affect people’s ability to remember and it is

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