Summary: A Career As A Medical Assistant

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In the medical field there are many different areas that you can specialize in from medical assisting to nursing to CNA (Certified Nurse Assistant). With my wide area of experience in the medical already. I have chosen to explore the medical assistant program here at Independence University. As a medical assistant there are many benefits to getting your medical assistant degree and as a assistant in the medical field you are responsible for many task. In the medical assistant program there are many things that you are required to learn while you are in school. As a student you are required to learn the background information about the medical field such as medical laws and ethics and, medical billing and coding. Some of the other things…show more content…
Some of the qualities that they are looking for are analytical skill with this skill you must be able to understand and follow medical charts and diagnoses (Bureau 2015). Detailed oriented with this skill you need to know how to take accurate vitals and also be able to record patients information (Bureau 2015). With this information physicians and insurance company relay on accurate records for medication purpose and billings purpose. Interpersonal skill is assistant need to able to discuss patient information and other medical staff including physicians. With this saying medical assistant might have to relay a message to a physician regarding how a patient is feeling (Bureau 2015). According to Everest college of medical assistant (Medical Assistant 2015) some of the soft skills that they teach their students is integrity with the HIPAA Privacy rule requires discretion of patients health information, but also be courtesy and respectful of any information you obtain from the patient. Also self-control and courtesy, with that having self-control having control of your own emotions and actions in the health care setting while remaining courteous is the mark of true professional (Medical Assistant

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