The Scarlet Ibis Short Story

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The Scarlet Ibis The short story The Scarlet Ibis by James Hurst is about how you think you have succeeded in life and then you fail.The stories main characters are Doodle, a disabled kid and his brother who he calls “Brother” ,and it mostly takes place in a swampy area in the south.The story starts out with brother wanting someone he could do stuff with. So”Brother “ starts teaching “Doodle” how to walk, run, swim, climb and row a boat. The climax of the story is when “Doodle” get to start knowing how to run, walk, swim and row a boat. Then one day bad luck came to them. A red bird called a scarlet Ibis dies in their front yard. So the brothers go on with their life like nothing happened and they go to the swamp. They go to the river
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