Comparison Of Corporate Paralegals

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I chose to write my research paper on the contrast of in-house paralegals, also called corporate paralegal, to litigation paralegals. I believe that corporate paralegals have more independence, variety, and responsibility in their legal roles. Unlike litigation paralegals, they do not have the deadlines for motions, hearings, depositions, and trials. Most paralegals share a common set of responsibilities; they are responsible for drafting documents, organizing and maintaining files and conducting research. A corporate paralegal position differs from law firm paralegal jobs because he or she deals specifically with business legal matters. Litigation paralegals will spend a lot of time performing tasks such as researching cases, preparing discovery,…show more content…
There were 18 percent at corporations, eight percent worked in the public/government sector, and two percent were with insurance companies, non-profit corporations, foundations, or associations. Banking, health/medical, and self-employed paralegals accounted for one percent each. Today, more corporations such as insurance companies, financial institutions, medical corporations and research firms, employ their own paralegals. Corporate paralegals often perform many diverse tasks and communicate with different people every day. I would love that diversity! Corporate paralegals may either perform the majority of the corporation’s legal work or specialize in one particular field. Some of the duties a corporate paralegal may have are: Prepare and file annual reports; draft special minutes for corporate activities; track shareholders and percentage of stockholding; maintain tickler system for regular…show more content…
They perform such tasks as: Prepare closing checklists and memorandum; prepare drafts of merger or purchase agreements; conduct due diligence investigation; obtain consents to assignments, releases, and other appropriate documents; prepare closing documents; prepare and file financing statements, UCC agreements or amendments, and related documents; manage assembly and execution of documents at closing and prepare closing files and bound volumes. Others may perform dissolutions, which includes a draft and effect filing of statement of intent to dissolve, articles of dissolution, or other required state forms to effect dissolution; draft documents related to distribution of corporate assets and monitor compliance with escheat

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