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To be able to be successful in life, everyone needs to have some type of income or in other words everyone needs a job to live. Many people also attend some type of college to further their education to get a better job. During college, they too have to work in order to pay for things. These jobs can fall into many different categories, from fast food to farm work and everything in between. The problem is that some employers don’t work with the employees schedule for the most part. When it comes to my employer, which is Taco Johns or Taco Juans as many of my friends and family call it. They are really bad when it comes to working with my schedule. The only reason I’m still there is because it’s a job, and I need one. However, they don’t like that I can’t work as much as they want me to. Also, the general manager promised me to have every Friday, and every other weekend off from working. They made it seem as if they were going to work with my schedule and as if everything would be perfect.…show more content…
The program that I’m in said that I should only work maybe 10 to 15 hours, otherwise I would be unsuccessful in college. Almost every night I was closing the restaurant, and that meant I wouldn’t be on my way home until 10:45 at the earliest. Most nights we wouldn’t even be done until 11:05 or even later due to the fact that they made closing completely different. For several weeks I would get home at 11:30 or later, and try going to bed just to wake up a handful of hours later to drive to school. With working so many hours, I concluded that the pay isn’t worth it. My day would start off at 6am getting up, 8am starting classes, anywhere from 2-3pm getting done with classes, 5pm starting work, 10:45-11:05 getting done with work, 11:10-11:30 getting home, and finally falling asleep around 12am after getting ready for bed. The reality was that they were just bad at working with my

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