Ergastle: A Narrative Fiction

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Most would think that Tera would be screaming as Oz carried her up and away, that the whole ordeal would have had her terrified and unable to think. But in truth Tera was everything but scared, excited, on alert, and maybe even a bit horny, but there was no fear within her. After all living within Ergastulum mean that you lived in the middle of danger, if you got terrified every time it came up, well you'd spend the rest of your life scared. And that was something Tera refused to do. She hit the roof running, her hands reaching back for the bomb before Oz even began to undress. Her eyes scanning over him as the blood soaked through his clothes. "I'll have to get a doc to patch you up after this. I'd hate to have you thinking I was a bad date…show more content…
The C-4 attached to a device rigged to blow, "25 minutes, give her take a bit depending on which wire I pull." she pointed to the last three wires she had to deceiver, "I give us 2 chances before it blows." she took a breath and tried to make her best guess as all the wires were the same color. "We get out of this Oz and I'll get you a warm bubble bath waiting on you." she laughed and went to pull the first wire. It was than more shots sounded off, and Oz complained about the Twilights. "The Yahuza hate Twilight's," she announced as her mind back tracked her link to the goods in the first place. Her link had a hell of lot of explaining to do, and she would get her answers. But first Tera needed to keep her head on the here and now, before they both ended up painting the roof top red. It was than the hulk want to be climbed onto the roof. Her eyes grew wide as he wielded a light pole; "You have got to be fucking kidding me." she cursed and grabbed the bomb before rolling out of the way. "I'll pass, I don't do cavemen." she scoffed back at the pair before shaking her head and just pulling one of the wires. The timer suddenly dropped from 24 minutes to 14, "SHIT." Tera cursed once more as her anger grew with each passing second. "I'm not dying on the fucking rooftop." she spoke confidently and pulled her pocket knife out and began cutting away at the

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