Mariyah's Death: A Short Story

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I sat there in awe, examining my reflection. Touching decaying flesh suddenly I saw the light, it was not what I dreamed. It was too bright, kind of blinding, I couldn’t take it and I did not want to. I began running down the stairs I had once climbed I hoped for the darkness. the darkness of being alone, and completely at wonder. The more I hoped for this the more unreal it all seemed. As I ran faster than my legs could go, images came rushing in my brain like raging waters. Moments of my previous life where I experience unbearable depression, outrageous anger, everlasting happiness, and the high of love all came back to me at once. Stopping as I reached my destination one last memory came, one that hit me like a truck going full speed. It was the tale of my death, it told like an old folk tale. Starting at the very first moment everything went wrong, my wife, Mariyah’s death. It was unbearable, just recalling it brought me to my knees. As I wept I cried, “Stop!” but I was alone and soon realized no one would save me form my greatest pain I tried to hide. --------------------------------------------------- I tried to get the strength to open the front door, but it seemed my arms wouldn’t let me. Mariyah and I had once shared…show more content…
I knew what I said to Mariyah was wrong, but my pride wouldn’t let me apologize, and I felt that way, so I decided it’d be better just to go to bed. I would’ve fell right asleep, only once I flicked the lights on I noticed something; she was still, too still. Immediately I checked for a pulse, but there wasn’t any. I almost fell to the ground as I ran to the phone, it seemed so far away to be located on the dresser. Once I reached it so many tears filled my eyes that I could barely see the number. I waited for the ambulance to arrive, but every minute soon felt like a decade without light and it hurt more and more knowing the fact that there was nothing I could

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