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2.5 The relationship between Time Management and University Student’s Academic performance In the relevant literature, there are a great number of studies focusing on the relationship between time management and student’s academic performance. The related literature showed that there is a significant and positive relationship between time management and student’s academic performance(Hamzah, Lucky, & Jorger, 2014). Among many factors which can dive direct impact on academic performance, time management and external motivation have chosen as the higher influences on it. Researchers argued that time management is an important factor for higher academic achievements and encouraged students to develop good time management skills to improve academic…show more content…
They agreed that students with higher academic achievements are good time managers. It also showed that students’ behavior in time planning is in good term but bad in time management. Time planning and time management showed positive relation to academic performance which means that both will influence students’ academic achievements. While no relationship show between time consumers and academic achievement. In the research, it stated that time management is very important and may directly affect individual’s overall academic performance. From other study, it proved that time management skills of university students have a notable effect on their academic achievement(Pehlivan, 2013). It also assumed that female students are more effectively than male students in time management because female students implement more on listing, planning and programming. There is a positive significant relation between grade-point averages and time attitudes sub-dimension. It suggested that students focus on long-range planning rather than short range planning to boost their academic achievements. It also argued that student’s time management skill affect their academic performance regardless of low or high skills. Therefore, the researches encouraged the students to develop their time management skills beginning in their preschool life in order to be successful in university education. 2.6 Theoretical Framework Time management is important to all individuals. By studying time management theory, it helps us to plan, organize and schedule our task more effectively and priories the essential matters in our life. Without a clear understanding about time management theory, it will difficult to form strategies and fail to come up a plan to manage our time effectively. Three principle or theories of time management are encouraged to apply in life. A. Pareto Principle

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