Annotated Bibliography: How ADHD Affects Adolescents

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Stacy Flores August 30, 2015 Instructor: Heather Corriveau Annotated Bibliography: How ADHD Affects Adolescents at School Barkley, R. (2010). Why emotional impulsiveness should be a central feature of ADHD. The ADHD Report 18 (4), 1-5. The author gives a detailed explanation of how adolescents in various schools display emotions more quickly even though they do not feel emotions with intensity. According to the author, the emotions of adolescents with ADHD form part of their gestures, behaviors, and verbal cues. This emotional dysfunction affects the adolescents’ relationship with the other fellow mates and even with teachers. Due to the short fuse that such adolescents possess, forming healthy academic…show more content…
The authors grouped the adolescents into two different groups, that of children with ADHD and the normal ones. The research’s aim was to exploit the discrimination issues that the adolescents with ADHD undergo. The article gives comprehensive differences in the way these adolescents are subjected to behavior change and attention from the normal adolescents. According to the article, students suffering from ADHD are in most cases vulnerable and end up acquiring low grades in…show more content…
J. Gureasko-Moore, S. White, G. P. (2007). Self-Management of Classroom Preparedness and Homework: Effects on School Functioning of Adolescents with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder School Psychology Review Vol. 36(4) p647-664. DuPaul et al. researches on self-management scheme which can enhance homework completion and classroom preparation. The authors used six students with ADHD in their study which covered the middle-school level from grade five to grade eight. The article illustrates that the adolescents with ADHD require a lot of individual attention to help them acquire adequate classroom preparation. The article is important as it helps in explaining the significance of management systems that are individualized to help in shaping the adolescents with ADHD. Alloway, T., Gathercole, S., & Elliott, J. (2010). Examining the link between working memory behavior and academic attainment in children with ADHD. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology 52 (7), 632-636. DOI:

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