Argumentative Essay On Prosopagnosia

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Prosopagnosia To the average person, collective interaction among friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances involves the recognition of each individual’s face. On a broad-spectrum, facial recognition is keen to many professions. Furthermore, a notable profession that utilizes facial recognition is law enforcement, whereas, witnesses to a crime are obligated to provide facial details and accurate depictions of the individual responsible for the crime. Unfortunately, some individuals are prone to adversity, and in some cases, they do not possess the ability to distinguish a person’s face from other faces, objects, or even one’s very own face due to a neurological disorder known as prosopagnosia. According to the National Institute…show more content…
(NINDS, 2007) suggests, “Some degree of prosopagnosia is often present in children with autism and Asperger’s syndrome, and may be the cause of their impaired social development (What is Prosopagnosia section, para. 1). Those born with this prosopagnosia face a greater challenge in treatment; moreover, imperceptible knowledge coupled with diligent dedication may have a strong influence on the quality of treatment. On the other hand, those who acquire this disorder through a traumatic event have an advantage in treatment, as they are able to identify people through various methods. That is, they use other senses to identify individuals such as sound, smell, or a unique quality one possesses that marks them easily distinguishable. Prosopagnosia is an unusual disorder, similar to color blindness in some respects, and can be socially devastating. Above all, it is fitting to say that research is utilized to ensure that those with prosopagnosia receive treatment, and that measures are taken to ensure that compromises are conditional in furthering the study of this disruptive disorder (NINDS, 2007, Treatment and Prognosis sections, para. 2 and para.

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