Kidney Injury Case Study Conclusion

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Introduction- Acute Kidney Injury is a common medical problem. AKI is responsible for major mortality and morbidity of hospitalized patients because of serious nature of the underlying illness and incidences of complication. Material and methods- A total number of 100cases of Acute Kidney Injury who ful fil the inclusion criteria were studied with a detail history, clinical examination and investigation according to need. Result- Out of 100 patients78 were male and 22 were female. Maximum numbers of patients were in age group of 51 to 60 years. Vomiting (60%) and Oliguria (48%) were common presenting features. The study showed various etiological factor associated with Acute Kidney Injury like Septicemia(43%) ,Acute gastroenteritis (10%),,…show more content…
Conclusion- We observed that early diagnosis and early investigation were probably responsible for good survival rate in Acute kidney Injury. Key words- Acute Kidney Injury, Septicemia, Hemodialysis INTRODUCTION-Acute Kidney injury (AKI),Previously known as Acute Renal Failure, is characterized by the sudden impairment of Kidney function resulting in the retention of nitrogen and other waste product, normally cleared by the Kidney. AKI is not a single disease but rather designation of a heterogeneous group of condition that share common diagnostic feature. Specially an increase in the blood urea nitrogen BUN concentration and or increase in the plasma or

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