Strength-Based Case Management Paper

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The strengths perspective is an approach that uses the client’s own resiliency and strength to overcome personal challenges and obstacles. The perspective is based on the view that every person, whether it is in the community or in the family has capabilities that can be drawn on and put to use to overcome the problems that are faced, and to show that in every struggle there is an opportunity for challenge and growth. Which shows how it is also based on the principle that everything and everyone has something to offer to one another (Vick, What Is the Strength Perspective in the Social Work Knowledge Base? 2014). The strength perspective is a constructive approach, by focusing on what is right instead of what is wrong. The perspective does…show more content…
One program the professional may use is a Solution Focused Therapy. Solution Focused Therapy is focused on what the person wants to achieve rather than what is holding them back. A second program that a professional may use is Strength – Based Case Management. The Strength – Based Case Management not only focuses on the individual’s strength, but also on emphasizing the relationship between client and professional, offering community involvement and use of informal support networks (“Strengths-based approaches for working with individuals”,…show more content…
However, when using the Strength based perspective, professional want to focus on empowering the client’s strengths and resiliency. For example, a client walks into a professional’s office seeking help to overcome their own personal obstacle of viewing themselves as unattractive. Like any good professional, the professional is going to want to know why the client feels that way. So that way the professional can get a clearer understanding of the issue, and create or implement a treatment plan that will help them see their strengths, gain courage in themselves to overcome that view. The client states that her current boyfriend always calls her fat, she feels like everyone stares at her when she goes to the gym and lastly she had a lady ask her when the baby was due because she looked like she was showing. Once the professional has a clearer understanding of the issue at hand, the professional asks the client to make a list of ten things she likes about herself. And whatever she puts on the list has to be things that she (the client) likes about herself, or what people have complimented her own that made her feel good about herself. The client listed she has pretty green eyes, she easily makes friends, she is good at her job, she has started eating healthier, she never has a bad hair day, she gets told by others that she always looks nice, she enjoys being able to pamper

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