Community Memorial Hospital Case Study

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Community Memorial Hospital is having major issues with reporting medical errors. Therefore, I will be playing the outside consultant. Frances Ballentine is a RN, MSN, and VP for nursing services at the hospital. She notices that there has been low reporting of medication errors. Frances went and spoke to Ally Ray who is in charge of quality improvement (QI). This sept that Frances is crucial for the hospital to improve. Without Frances taking steps to improve an area that is underperforming, the company will on regress. Under reporting medication errors, is extremely bad for a hospital. When the reporting is 95% and higher, management will be able to tell where the weak areas in the hospital and provide the correct training. Without reporting or reporting in a timely manner, the hospital and the patients are greatly affected. Therefore, assembling a team to fix this problem is primary for the success and longevity of the hospital. Ally Ray and Frances Ballentine agree to assemble a team, a MEQI team (Medication Error Quality Improvement), to improve the process of reporting medication errors. Ally and Frances begun to hold meetings with the MEQI; the first meeting was about what they aspect of the MEQI. They meetings were devoted to TQM/CQI principles and tools. The group…show more content…
The second meeting for the MEQI was to focus on part C. The team was surprised when Frances pulled out the paper work of medication error. The team prepared for the third meeting, they developed a cause-and-effect a fishbone diagram. Based on their discussion with other unit members they began to work on U. The team worked on understanding the source of variation. The departments were asked to create a daily checklist of medication errors for the month of July. The pharmacy would also keep a corresponding checklist of medication errors of the month of

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