Venetian Renaissance By Paris Bordone: Visual Analysis

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Jack Castellanos Visual Analysis Art 110 M W 11:00AM Fall 2014 “Madonna (Virgin) and Child with Saints Jerome and Francis” was painted during the Venetian Renaissance by Paris Bordone. The painting is viewed as one of his early works and is displayed at LACMA on the third floor of the Ahmanson Building. As one of his early works it also shows the influence of Titian and Giorgione, the aforementioned being his teacher while the latter was greatly admired.1 This piece touches upon the common theme during the Renaissance thus having many variations that were also created. Perspective techniques at the time was being re-implemented into many paintings to give depth to the paintings4. Composition also being…show more content…
In this case Saint Francis of Assisi is one of Italy’s most important patron saints next to that of Catherine of Siena. He was the founder of the Franciscan Order, whose members all work the same outfit that he is depicted in.2 The reason behind his partially clothed state is a reference to his background. Saint Francis was born and raised into a wealthy family but eventually renounced all of it for the sake of his religion.2 His new focus after this was on the less fortunate and for this reason being why the current Pope took the name Francis in order to stress humility and desire to help the poor and…show more content…
Her right foot points specifically to the child and to Saint Francis’s hands, symbolizing not only the death of Christ but as well as to Francis’s stigmata that he receives late into his life. Saint Francis’s stigmata2 was quite often shown in paintings of him produced during this time period and is commonly portrayed on his hands, feet, and side. In this painting though, it is not seen due to Christ being depicted as a child instead that of being an adult when he was crucified. The interaction between Christ and Francis and the cross in front of them creates a triangle, a shape commonly associated with the holy trinity and often used in many religious paintings. The look that Saint Francis places upon Christ is one filled with adoration which alludes to his strength of devotion to the Catholic Church.2 Even with his body directing the viewer to his gaze up Christ his arm can still be seen as shifting focus back onto the Virgin

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