Biopsychosocial Spiritual Framework

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Theory Paper 6765 Virginia Commonwealth University Theory Paper The Definition of Theory Theory. Now that is a scary word. In my own experience, students do one of three things upon hearing the word: shudder at the sound, pretend not to hear, or shout in excitement. So what is theory? Theory is a way of illustrating behavior and our world in a strategic way that is applicable across multiple situations. Social Workers more specifically focus on understanding of human behavior in the context of our world or environment. With each theory, someone took notice of life, or human behavior, then broke it down into a set of concepts, and then rebuilt it systematically by recognizing the patterns and relationships therein. Theory and practice are dependent upon one another. As indicated by the definition above, theory is developed through observation and experiences in the real world, or in social work practice. Social Workers must take notice of what actions produce positive results and what actions produce negative results. In the same sense,…show more content…
The framework views the person inside and incorporates their make-up biologically, psychologically, socially, and spiritually in order to see the entire picture. Social Workers use the biopsychosocial spiritual framework to understand their clients. As the Hutchison book emphasizes, social work is a multidimensional and multifaceted profession with many aspects to consider in understanding human behavior and our practice as a result (2011, pp. 9-10). Looking at two out of three of the dimensions, personal and environmental, Hutchison mentions fulfills the concepts of biopsychosocial spiritual with the third dimension, time, covering the persons lifespan and current situation for seeking services with a social worker (2011, pp. 11-12). Understanding a Batterer from a Biopsychosocial Spiritual
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