Stereotyping Is Bad Essay

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As human beings, we tend to judge others by ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. Everyone has an unconscious mind that automatically judges other individuals, even when we try to avoid judging and labeling. I have found myself unconsciously stereotyping many classmates when I was in grade school, for instance, I would think to myself that she is the smartest student in the class because she is a girl or he is rich only because his parents are white. As I grew older I became more aware of the fact that being a certain way is not always linked to gender or ethnicity it is just the way they grew up or their motivation to strive. Unconscious stereotyping is an action everyone has whether we like it or not, but we should never let stereotyping…show more content…
Azar claims that women are usually underrepresented in math, science, and engineering. Furthermore, Azar states that the reason for the gap between men and women in math is because men have a higher level of confidence and women usually lack self-assurance (Azar, 2010). In order to improve test scores in math, women should not think it is their social-role (is a pattern of behavior that is expected of a person in a given setting or group) to be better at reading rather than mathematics, instead women should strive to excel in both subjects. “The Problem WIth Sexism Just Sounds So Damn Friendly” by Melanie Tannenbaum proves that benevolent sexism is just as bad as hostile sexism. Benevolent Sexism is described as positive yet unsettling compliments. Furthermore, the reason for benevolent sexism being classified as bad as hostile sexism is due to the fact that compliments demotivate women to act against sexism (Tannenbaum, 2013). Additionally, women who are complimented on their looks rather than their work is really insulting because their work goes unnoticed and they are not taken seriously enough. For this reason, I will be more cautious when talking to women and more aware on how I compliment. “Intuitive Decisions About Other People” by

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