Mary Shelly's Response To Frankenstein

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Reading Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein was a very deep experience for me. The plot consisted of a mad scientist that wanted to create so called “life”, but instead, he created a “monster.” The question is, was he really who he was made out to be? Dr. Frankenstein (the scientist) created life, but instead of doing it the right way, he made himself very ill in the process. Being in tremendous fear right after his creation, he left the monster to be on his own. So, how should the monster react to the situation? It felt betrayed, lonely, and unimportant by its most important person – it’s Creator. All those awful feelings the monster felt, it became insane and made it murder the closest people to its master, and then, more. Was it right for it to murder? Does it deserve sympathy? In my opinion, yes, I believe it does, due to the fact it didn’t have the love and attention it only wanted from Dr. Frankenstein.…show more content…
Some background of this includes Mary Shelly (the author of this excerpt) and a few other writes were supposed to compose a horror story. The only person to complete a story was of course, Mary. What was the TRUE meaning of this story? Was Shelly really trying to put a scare in the reader or was it more than that? I believe she was trying to get a broader point across. It was more than just a horror story for me but frankly it wasn’t even that scary. Mary had a rough life, and with that being said, this piece was deeper behind the just words. When you are reading a story, you should do a little research on the author to really understand the mindset that they have. On a deeper level, this story honestly hit home. Dr. Frankenstein made life, and then left his creation. I really relate to this because of something similar happening to me (besides the murdering). My mother, or in this case, my “creator” left me, and to be honest, it hurts. So, I see where this beast is coming

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