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Nichole Shef Bay Ridge Prep The Globe Theater The Globe Theater was built in 1599. It is a very historic theater built by William Shakespeare, the Burbage Family, and the Chamberlain's Men. The theater was built in a London suburb, Southwark. The Burbages chose Southwark because it was already known for theaters, bear-baiting, and taverns. The river near the theater was the Thames River. The Globe Theatre used framework from an old theater previously built. The name, Globe Theater was a bold claim. The Globe Theater was a three-storied and twenty-sided building. The theater held 200+ people. It was a very large theater. The interior is based on the Swan. There were two doors. Each doors were at the foot of the stairs. The stairs…show more content…
It only costs a penny to stand there. The people who stood there were often referred to as groundlings or penny-stinkers. If you wanted to sit, then you had to pay an extra penny. But, if you wanted to sit with cushions and have a nice view, you would have to pay another penny. You would sit in galleries. The best seats were known as the 'lord's rooms'. They were nearest to the stage in the sections of the gallery. But the best of all were the rooms that opened the gallery above the stage itself. There were no tickets or numbered seats. It was always smart to be early for the play. London citizens knew when and which theater were giving a performance by a flag. The flag was flown to tell people on the far side of the river that there would be a play that afternoon. Many people came from across the river. There were also posters hanging saying what play was playing when in each theater. When players came on, the came through two entrances on the back of the stage. The stage was protected from rain by a ceiling painted to look like the sky. It was called the heavens. The paintings were also of the sun, moon, and stars. The heavens was where technicians lowered actors who were portraying angels or spirits. There were no lights to dim, nor a curtain to lift to signal that the play is about to begin. Instead, three trumpet blasts were

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