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The Middle Passage, which is the transit from Africa to America, has come to epitomize the experience of people of African decent throughout the Atlantic world. The horrible experiences from being locked in the holds of stinking ships, to the traumatic loss of freedom, the degradation of enslavement, and the long years of bondage that followed. The Middle Age represented the will of black people to survive, the determination not to be dehumanized by dehumanizing circumstances, and the confidence that freedom would eventually be theirs and that they would take their rightful place as a people among peoples. Most importantly, the Middle Passage stands for the burdens of the past and the hopes for the future. The Middle Passage refers to the…show more content…
The second transfer was more than twice the size of the first migration with about one million men and women from the Atlantic seaboard to the Southern interior during the first half of the nineteenth century to create a new slave regime in the Deep South. During the middle decades of the twentieth century when some six million black people, about thirty times the number of the original African transit that fled the South for the cities of the North which, as a result, made urban wageworkers out of sharecroppers and once again reconstructing black life in the United States. Lastly, towards the end of the twentieth and the beginning of the twenty-first centuries, people of African decent entered Caribbean, South America, and Europe changing the composition, character, and cultures of the black population of the United States. The pace of these massive movements increased with their size, as ever-greater numbers arrived during a shorter period of

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