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The Glorious Vera Wang Gelyan Pabon 3/19/15 Ms. Rosario Research Methods 8-1 Gelyan Pabon 3/19/15 Ms. Rosario Research Methods 8-1 The Glorious Vera Wang Vera Wang, the designer that America fell in love with. A Vera Wang wedding dress is known for its elegance and sophistication. Vera Wang is one of the most known designers in the world. She creates amazing weddings dresses, engagement rings, bridal dresses, shoes, and clothing. With a passion for fashion, Vera Wang’s creativity shined through her ice-skating, blossomed during her time at Vogue, and opened the doors for a successful fashion career. Vera Wang had a great early life and childhood. Wang was born on June 27, 1949, in New York City, NY. Vera grew up in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Her parents were Cheng Ching and Florence Wang. Her parents were both born in China. They chose to move to New York in 1947, to conquer all their dreams. Cheng Ching and Florence Wang lived a great life. They had a lot of money while in China. Once they came to New York, they still were very wealthy. The Wangs gave their children Vera and Kenneth a comfortable childhood. They gave them a great life with many opportunities. “School was always an…show more content…
Vera competed with her partner, James Stuart in the U.S. Figure Skating National Championships. They got fifth place and they did not succeed their dream of going to the Olympics. Vera was so sad that she quit her love of figure skating. When Vera failed to go to the Olympics she needed to find a new life plan. She enrolled at Sarah Lawrence College in New York as drama and premed student then switched to art history. Vera Wang went to the Sorbonne in Paris and studied art history. She lived with her parents in a Paris apartment. Her first job was in New York as a salesperson then as a window dresser at New York Yves Saint Laurent boutique on Madison

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