Examples Of Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

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A self-fulfilling prophecy is described as a positive or negative expectation about an event that affects the way a person behaves; this behavior allows the expectations to be fulfilled. When an individual makes a self-fulfilling prophecy there are two factors that control whether or not the fulfillment is carried out, these are; attitude and behavior. Our attitude affects the way we as humans behave regardless if the prophecy is negative or positive. If someone is angry their attitude is going to be poor, they will not be pleasant among peers, and instead they may even be rude and reciprocate the feeling they have onto someone else. I often want to believe that we live in a society that embraces change and offers acceptance, yet we still continue to place false pretenses on individuals or groups just because they do not conform to what we consider “normal.” This is also considered to be a form of discrimination and prejudice, which is often a result of a stereotype. The connection between a stereotype and a self-fulfilling prophecy is that of…show more content…
A few examples are; racism, discrimination, prejudice, culture, and gender. A stereotypical example of a cultural discrimination that is carried out through the self-fulfilling prophecy is that “all white people who are obese are lazy.” This is a negative stereotype which often has become a self-fulfilling prophecy for individuals. This stereotype may have come from T.V Shows such as; Family Guy and The Simpsons. The idea that because of their weight they are lazy has become embedded in their head, and they are now lazy and lack the ambition to do anything that is worthwhile. The “obese” person have genetic health problems or an illness. People look for encouragement to do better especially in times of need but when we judge we give the individual the impression that we see them as nothing more or less than the
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